Translating Services

Since 1984, we have been an industry leader, distinguished by our breadth of languages and a comprehensive range of services.

Over 150 languages
We officially support translation from and into all written languages.

Multilingual layout
A full range of platform and version support for the programs most commonly used, such as InDesign, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, MS Office, Keynote and Photoshop, with full support for European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages. Simply send your document in its original format and we will return it with the same look, feel and function as the original.

Studio services
In-house voiceover recording, transcription, subtitling as well as translation for movie and TV design departments. See our IMDB entry.

Personal documents
We have decades of experience in translating legal and educational documents that are notarized and performed by certified translators. These translations are notarized accompanied by an attached certificate of translation and meet the standards of local, state, federal and non-governmental agencies, as well as foreign governments.

Project management
Hands on, responsive, courteous and professional project management is one of our distinguishing characteristics. We take every step to keep you informed of your project’s status and to keep your translations consistent in both content and appearance.